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Who Are We?

We are those who play countless roles in this modern life. We are moms, sisters, daughters, but mainly inspiring women wanting more!

We struggle, we hustle, we learn and teach, we course and preach...because what makes us crazy awesome its also what makes us emphatic , loving and caring and bring us together.

I am that woman too, and you're going to discover about me as I am going to learn about you along the way. My deepest hope is that you could find here a friend, a confident. A word of hope or inspiration to face the hardest days along with humor and fresh air coming from life itself. 

Here you'll find content for every aspect of your life. For when you have your hair up, picking up toys, and thinking what on earth are you going to prepare for dinner along with content for those days when you are dressing-up for a date with your partner in crime or best friends. 

Lets not forget our roles don't define us. What define us are our passions, what makes us unique, happy and complete. 


Now tell me...what's that passion that drives YOU? 

Betania Chirino